Un poète doit laisser des traces de son passage non des preuves.
Seules les traces font rêver.
René Char


Michel Majerus

rose wylie

Rose Wylie: interview (part one), Kent, 7 July 2014. from studio international on Vimeo.

Studio International visited the painter Rose Wylie in her studio in Kent, to see the new paintings she’s working on. Wylie, who is 80 this year, and has painted all her life, has also taught in further education, and, with her husband, the painter Roy Oxlade, in adult education. In the past 10 years, she has won awards and prizes, and her works have received increasingly greater attention within the fine art world and been included in exhibitions across the globe.
Wylie explained: “It used to be that the house was full of paintings stacked against the walls – now they go out and away.”
Surrounded by her wall-sized canvases and small graphite drawings (stored in paint-splattered plastic leaves), Wylie talked about her drawing, painting and thinking process, and the things that inspire and influence her work.
Interview by MK PALOMAR